Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mosque stand-bomb attacks and earthquakes!

"Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Regarding the article on the story isuhangatmosque tsunami survivors from yesterday, I was buzzing about a person who tells about themosque that survived the earthquake in Japan. Once I found the mosque membrowsing stated that the mosque inKobe Japan,

but the information I can be more shocking and show the power of God Almighty. Kobe Mosque inJapan are not only resistant to earthquake shaking, but the mosque survived the atomic bomb! Praise be to God!

Kobe Mosque was the first mosque in Japan. The mosque was built in 1928 in Nakayamate Dori, Chuo-ku.

In 1945, Japan's second world war. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour port in the United States has made the U.S. government decided to drop the first atomic bomb in world history.

Japan already surrendered, the Japanese army in Malaya was also involved in the same home. Two cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima was bombed with atomic bombs by the United States. During this time, Kobe has not left the city to receive as a result.Can be said for Kobe to golf course distance terkukur.

When the buildings destroyed in the vicinity, Kobe Muslim Mosque still standing upright. The mosque is just suffered a fracture on the outside wall and broke all the glass windows. The exterior of the mosque
a bit dark because the smoke bomb. Japanese troops take refuge in the cellar of the mosque bomb threats, as well as the weapons are hidden. The mosque is a place of refugees and war victims.

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait contributed funds in the amount of the big overhaul. Glass-glass windows broken glass was replaced with a new window that comes straight from Germany. A new decorative lights hanging in the middle of the main prayer room. Room temperature control system is placed in the mosque.

School was destroyed by the war again restored and some additional buildings started to be built. Muslims return to enjoy their religious activities in Kobe Mosque.

The financial crisis is often crowding the mosque committee members. Building a high tax to the mosque committee to produce enough of saving costs. Many donations given to solve the financial problems of development and modify the mosque. Kobe Mosque to make its contribution is growing.

In 1995, the strength of Kobe Mosque was tested again with the most devastating earthquakes. Precisely at 5:46 am, Tuesday, January 17, 1995. This earthquake is not only against Kobe, but also surrounding areas such as South Hyogo, Hyogo-ken Nanbu, and others.

Although only valid for 20 seconds, the earthquake killed a total of 6.433 people, mainly the people of Kobe city. Besides Kobe earthquake also caused substantial damage to the town covering 20 km from the epicenter.

The earthquake was the second worst earthquake in Japan after the Hanshin-Awaji great earthquake was Japan's worst since the great Kanto earthquake of 1923 killed 140,000 people.

But until now Kobe mosque stood strong and upright, even if not bergoyah dilanyak from various disasters. May the message of Islam in Japan seteguh mosque.

A picture of Kobe now.

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque

Kobe Japan Kobe Mosque